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Mike Atkins Entertainment is a premier entertainment management company. Built on a history of innovation and success, MAE is a team driven by a passion to work with artists. They provide unparalleled career guidance, artistic development and creative counsel that result in successful, impactful and lasting careers. Through MAE and its two subsidiaries, Lucid Artists and 256 Entertainment, they represent artists in all facets of the entertainment industry including music, film, television, theatre, and publishing. Their fundamental purpose is to provide their expertise to artists to expand their careers, lives and public reach.


Mike Atkins


Mike Atkins has been one of the most prominent individuals in artist management his entire career. His expertise is unmatched as he has successfully guided the careers of countless artists including Sandi Patty, Jaci Velasquez, Philips Craig and Dean, Maureen McGovern, Nicole C. Mullen, Point of Grace, Petra, CeCe Winans, Veritas, Wayne Watson and many others. He’s been at the helm of these artists’ careers through dozens of Grammy Awards and Dove Awards, platinum and gold albums, and numerous #1 chart-topping singles and albums. He has designed and executed sold-out headlining tours and has branded several reoccurring tours and events. Atkins has a robust history of innovation, rich leadership, creativity, and success. He is passionate about expanding each artist’s career and public reach.

Greg Lucid

Executive Vice President

Greg Lucid is the founder of Lucid Artist Management, a subsidiary of Mike Atkins Entertainment. Lucid is passionate about detecting and growing talent and has worked with artists including Mark Schultz, CeCe Winans, Salvador, Jaci Velasquez, Bluetree, MARi, composer Paul Mills, Cindy Morgan, William McDowell, and Plus One. More than just a manager, Lucid also works with the creation and distribution of innovative products, including but not limited to music projects. His distribution company has over a million direct sales and has multiple #1 chart topping records. In 2016, Lucid developed the children’s Christmas toy, Shepherd on the Search and is continuously seeking new, creative ventures.

Camy McArdle

Co-Founder, 256 Entertainment

Prior to joining MAE, Camy McArdle worked in the country music industry for more than 15 years. In addition to serving as the day-to-day manager for country artists Brooks & Dunn, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, and Terri Clark, she also played an essential role in their tours, records and sponsorships. It was through these experiences that McArdle discovered her true passion and purpose was to not only work on the day-to-day tasks of managing but to also work with and guide artists in making their career and creative visions come to life. Soon after, she joined the MAE team and co-founded 256 Entertainment, a subsidiary of Mike Atkins Entertainment. Through 256 Entertainment, McArdle has birthed the career of country music viral sensation, Karen Waldrup. Not limited to country artists though, McArdle and 256 Entertainment manages artists in numerous backgrounds including music, Broadway theatre, film and television.

Anna Trent

Event Manager

Anna Trent serves the MAE team with a specialization in operational logistics management, program development, and produced live events. In addition to serving as a day-to-day management representative, she has served as a program manager for many conferences and tours, as well as hosting many well-known events. She won a Dove Award as executive producer for Sandi Patty’s “Edge of the Divine” album in 2011 for Inspirational Album of the Year. Prior to her work at MAE, Trent served as a corporate event planner and non-profit public relations manager.

Marcus Rixon

Manager & Marketing

Marcus Rixon joins MAE with a diverse background in the music and entertainment industry. His experiences range from working at Blackbird Studio with John McBride, as an audio engineer at the Olympics, to being a tour manager and sound engineer for bands such as Mark Schultz, Selah, Unspoken, and Jonathan Jackson & Enation. It was while working closely with these various artists that Rixon discovered his true passion for helping grow and guide artists’ careers. He is ardent about innovation, developing relationships, and serving others.

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